This video collects some of my recent geometrical play in Rhino/Grasshopper. I’ll be posting further explanations and definition files here over the next few days. Among the things shown are:

  • Some hinged tessellations
  • A geodesic sphere from projected subdivisions of an icosahedron. ghx here
  • An origami waterbomb base – the starting point for many origami designs (also, I found a neat way to interlock 6 of these to make an octahedron as shown in this videoghx here
  • Various combinations and hierarchies of Voronoi diagrams, proximity networks, vortex flows, Delaunay triangulations, and incircles (some inspired by Mario Klingemann’s experiments with Malfatti circles)
  • Vogel’s Floret/Fermat’s spiral – A classic example of phyllotaxis. (evsc has some nice work on this)        ghx here
  • 2D equipotentials
  • and finally, the beginnings of some work with Vortex Filaments and the Biot-Savart law.

Good sources for inspiration on some of these themes are the books of Philip Ball and the huge collection of links at the Geometry Junkyard.