I am pleased to announce I will be talking at the London Knowledge Lab on December the 9th as part of their Maths-Art seminar series.

Loxodrome surface

Loxodrome surface

The title of the talk is Intuitive Geometry

Read the abstract here

Updates to follow later today

I also have tons of new stuff to post on here – Animation, Rendering, Scripting, Math, GC, Grasshopper…

watch this space

Interactive artificial life toy

(Or in the meantime, watch this)

or this:

(or see the flash vector version here)
more variations here, here and here

For some interactivity, have a play with my flash toy ‘MotionSketcher’




Based on the very simple idea of a loop which resets when the mouse goes over it, it allows you to intuitively scribble your own animation. Try combing the whole field in one direction, or making a spinning whirlwind…