April 2009

combining Voronoi with Field Lines

combining Voronoi with Field Lines


Continuing to explore corrugations which are rigidly foldable – ie. there is no deformation of the faces during the folding process.
This has links to some surprisingly deep mathematics – in particular the subjects of discrete differential geometry and integrable structure – Which have important architectural applications (such as finding planar panelings of curved surfaces) and also tie in with my earlier interest in minimal surfaces and circle packings.

The same principles can be naturally extended to other piecewise-planar surfaces such as the one above, which is rigidly foldable but does not unfold to flat.

Inspired and informed by the work of Tom Hull and Tim Hoffmann


My electric field sketch in Grasshopper controlling the metamorphosis of the MARS double corrugation pattern. Folded in Rigid Origami Simulator